We are a innovative company dedicated to one goal:

Industrial Manufacturing of the best diffraction gratings for ultra short pulse and high power lasers.

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Optimize your Laser with Gitterwerk Gratings

Get the best diffraction gratings for your high-power and ultra short pulse laser.
Gitterwerk is the first company with the ability to scale the output of these fundamental components, while maintaining exceptional quality and performance.

  • Perfect Beam Quality

  • Highest Damage Thresholds

  • Outstanding Efficiencies

  • High Power Proven

Up to 99.5 % diffraction efficiency

Based on our fabrication technology and deep grating design know-how, we can guarantee the highest diffraction efficiencies in the market.

Your partner for high quality gratings.

We are an optics company from Jena – a city with a long-standing tradition in optics and photonics. As a young team, we combine the technical and commercial skills and know-how for your requirements. Together, we are committed to one goal:

Industrial manufacturing for the best gratings for high-power and ultra short pulse lasers.

Our own manufacturing process and design expertise allows us to develop gratings optimized for your individual application and transfer them directly into serial production.

High Quality Gratings

Diffraction gratings of the highest quality according to the current state of the art – efficiency, wavefront accuracy, damage threshold optimized for your application!

Individual Grating Design

Make use of our distinguished design skills to optimize your application and get the best diffraction efficiency due to your individual grating design.

High Availability

From an individual design to the serial production. Our new manufacturing technology makes it possible.

Top Conditions

Our special production process allows high economies of scale. You need a lot of gratings? Don’t be hesitate to contact us!